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Telescopic forklift loader,Auto Crane,(WSM1120)

Product Number:
Product Introduction:

Telescopic forklift loader WSM1120 standard configuration( Telescopic forklift loader,auto crane)

Engine:  Cummins 4BTA3.9-C100


l Gear box:YQX100

l Drive axle: 08BT


 Telescopic forklift loader WSM1120 Optional parts

l   Air conditioner

l Pilot control

Telescopic forklift loader WSM1120 Attachment:boom,hanger,hanging basket, automatically adjustable fork, bucket,holding clamp device, clipping fork, string rod·Vehicle terminal system(with GPS positioning,real-time monitoring of traffic information)


Telescopic Forklift Loader

   Telescopic forklift loader WSM1120  Production characteristics


1.This product integrates advanced technology of forklift truck and cross country telescopic boom fork truck.It’s suitable for stone enterprise, industrial and mining enterprise, cargo handling, short-distance transport, cargo yard in the port, warehouse and station.

2.The famous brand engine match reasonable with the domestic gear box, which make full use of the engine power, reduce fuel consumption greatly, and save cost for user.

3.four wheel driving in front wheel , which improve the load capacity of front axle, more safer.


 4.The horizontal oil cylinder provide steering for the rear axle. Large steering angle . It reduces the min.turning radius of the whole machine, and makes passing performance of truck better.  It’s suitable for working in a limited space.It’s flexible steering, which improve the operating efficiency of the whole machine.


 5.The frame is welded by integral frame. The frame is high strengthen and safe. The installation of each component is rationally arranged in the form of forklift truck chassis. The spacious tool box is convenient for users to put spreader and rope tools, which makes the appearance of vehicle rationalized and regularized.

 6.The material of telescopic arm is made of imported steel. The structure of arm is welded in the form of hexagon to improve the arm stricture strength.


 7.The folding fork can provide a wider field of vision and make users drive more flexibly and conveniently when no need folding or lifting cargo.

 8.The control system of work device is using one handle controlling and two control modes to reduce the trouble of multi-lever. And the manipulation is more convenient and flexible. 

 9.The main hydraulic components are imported,which make the whole machine more stable and safer. 






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