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Where is the waste forklift and product features

Source:http://www.dieselcrane.com/news/66.htmlRelease time:2019-01-11

        Where is the forklift truck? It is a topic that most buyers pay attention to when purchasing forklift trucks. Then, what is the scrapyard forklift truck? Today we will understand the definition and advantages of the scrapyard forklift truck. .
        The scrap forklift is also called the “tire block forklift”, which is a new type of product that has been continuously evolved on the basis of certain loaders and forklifts. It integrates the technology of loaders and forklifts, and overcomes the         shortcomings of traditional forklift lift, driving force, shovel performance, off-road performance, braking performance, as well as the disadvantages of insufficient loader lifting capacity and insufficient mechanical performance. With the off-road         performance and strong fork-loading ability and flexibility necessary for the specific working conditions of the stone, it has won the favor of the majority of stone mine users.

Advantages and features of the waste forklift MGM975:
        1. The horizontal frame of forklift truck specially designed for stone mining has been tested and thickened steel plate. It is resistant to load and distortion, and has stronger structural strength and effective bearing capacity.
        2.It adopts the US full-imported MICO full hydraulic brake system and emergency shutdown system with power cut-off, and is equipped with an automatic energy storage system to effectively protect the driver and equipment under emergency conditions.
        3. High-torque and high-load special transmission system, the twin-turbo torque converter is matched with the power shifting planetary gearbox to accelerate the response quickly and effectively improve the working efficiency and the reliability of the whole machine.
        4, low fuel consumption, high quality six-cylinder four-stroke turbocharged engine, good power performance, powerful and powerful, large torque reserve.
        5, wide and comfortable cab, using sound-absorbing materials and sound insulation design, greatly reducing noise, wide field of vision, reducing operator fatigue, improve work efficiency and operational safety.
        6. The fork adopts integral quenching blade, which is stronger and more wear-resistant.
        It is also because of the prevalence of barge forklift trucks that many engineering machinery manufacturers are also targeting this market and actively participate in R&D and manufacturing.

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