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Four Points on the Stone Mine Truck

Source:http://www.dieselcrane.com/news/64.htmlRelease time:2018-12-29

        Stone mines usually have harsh environments, rugged mountain roads, and muddy roads in rainy days. Therefore, all kinds of carrying equipment that can work in stone mines have quite high requirements. The choice of mine block trucks is considered in addition to four points of quality, price, service and delivery period. It is also necessary to pay attention to the following four aspects, which can be guaranteed in terms of safety and performance.

First, the special quality

        The quality of forklift trucks is not the same. For example, the frame has a ton of frames and a ton of dollars, even more expensive. They are produced by formal design, equipment, and processing methods, and they are also simply patchwork. Besides, there are a set of tires, and there is also a set of yuan. Engines, gearboxes, pipelines, oils, etc., are too numerous to mention. Users who don't understand the importance of quality, because they are simply cheap, often only need one device, and finally buy twice the amount. This is called "cheap is not a corrosion of a meter." It’s just that this meter is too much!
Second, very important brake safety
        When the quality and configuration of the forklift are considered similarly, the most critical is the load capacity (load) of the axle and the braking force (brake effect) of the axle. In fact, more than 20 tons of forklift trucks, if you do not use hydraulic wet brakes, can not achieve safe braking! The horrible example makes us sadly review the overturning and slippery on the mine. The culprit is that the rear wheel steering and braking force are not good! This terrible huge loss of life and property should be solved with prior technical work!
Third, off-road
        The characteristics of the structure determine the off-road strength of the product, even with and without off-road. The operation of the stone block mine is very emphasis on the cross-country of the forklift truck. Otherwise, it is enough to use the forklift and the loader. How do you still need a forklift truck? This is also the origin of the forklift truck. Therefore, in addition to good quality, forklift trucks must also have front wheel steering to ensure the stability of the vehicle moving and steering under high load conditions.
Fourth, fully understand the characteristics of product operations
        Forklift trucks required for stone mine block mining, from mast cranes, imported large loader modifications, forklifts, large excavators, to the current forklift trucks, people with historical experience know that stone, reclaimed materials Five basic functions, such as handling, stacking, loading and unloading, must be available. This kind of possession also means that it must be reliable! Frame breakage, drive axle breakage, tire explosion, fork straightening or even fracture, tubing breakage, etc., are also not fully considered in the quality configuration.

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