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A brief history of the development of telehandlers

Source:http://www.dieselcrane.com/news/63.htmlRelease time:2018-11-17

        Foreword: I once saw a video in the WeChat group of the forklift industry: a forklift forked the forklift with another forklift, and the forklift truck working on the fork fell directly from the ground to the ground. Let us be shocked and let us reflect on it. It is not enough safety awareness or understanding of telehandlers. Safety work is not a one-on-one, one-person work. It still needs to continuously enhance the safety awareness of forklift operators. But because of this picture, I am trying to pass the information about telehandlers I know about through the Chinese forklift network. (www.chinaforklift.com) The platform is shared with everyone. I hope that when there is a demand for such operations, there is no such awkward and dangerous way of operation. At the same time, I hope to get guidance from the industry, let us know more about telehandlers.

First, the definition of telescopic fork loading
        A telescopic forklift is a forklift that is equipped with a retractable boom and whose forks or attachments are usually mounted on the boom to lift or fork the cargo.
Telescopic forklift is an important category of aerial work equipment. As a continuation of the traditional forklift, the telescopic boomlift truck has been developed. It has the telescopic boom structure of the truck crane and the forklift function of the traditional forklift. The loader moves quickly. And the loading and unloading functions of the shovel loading materials are organically combined, making full use of the characteristics of the telescopic arm structure to extend high and extend far, and with various attachments, the operation function and working range are expanded, and the adaptation to the working site is improved. Sex.
        The forks of telescopic forklift trucks can carry out forklift operations across obstacles, through orifices, etc., and can carry out stacking and unpacking operations of multiple rows of cargo under complicated working conditions. Telescopic forklifts have a good front view and low clearance height requirements, and are usually classified as off-road forklifts.
Second, the characteristics of telescopic arm loading and unloading
The birth of the telescopic forklift truck mainly solves the technical problem of automatic fork leveling. The traditional forklift is to adjust the working height by the vertical gantry lifting. During the lifting process, the fork plane is horizontal and will not change. The telescopic forklift is to change the height of the fork by adjusting the angle of the telescopic arm, and the plane angle of the fork changes with the change of the angle of the telescopic arm.
The features of telehandlers are:
        flexibility. The telescopic forklift is a four-wheel drive type with three steering modes (front wheel steering, four-wheel steering, diagonal walking), two-speed gearbox with small turning radius, flexible, fast and accurate operation in tight spaces. .
Versatility. Telehandlers are versatile and can be used continuously for long periods of time. There are a range of quick-change attachments to choose from, including forks, buckets, truss arms, and vertical gantry. You don't need to buy another model, you can increase the productivity, flexibility and work efficiency of the forklift by adding a few accessories to the machine.
Stability and safety. The telescopic forklift has a long wheelbase, low center of gravity, stable legs on the front of the frame, and the boom has an extension, reduces the automatic locking function, and the engine is placed in the longitudinal center of the frame, making it stable on hillsides and rugged terrain. Uniform weight distribution, four-wheel drive, improved maneuverability in muddy, rocky, sandy and snowy fields; wide view.
Third, the application of telescopic forklift
        The telehandler can use a variety of attachments to effectively complete a variety of different operations and truly become a multifunctional construction machine. Widely used in agriculture, animal husbandry, logistics industry, terminal operations, aerial work, trailer transportation, urban infrastructure, industrial and mining enterprise warehouses and other construction sites to lift, transport, stack bricks, wood, steel and other materials, become a modern industry, construction An efficient loading and unloading tool ideal for industry and agriculture. With the development of economic construction, its demand is getting bigger and bigger, and its performance requirements are getting higher and higher.
Fourth, the history of foreign telescopic forklift trucks
        The history of foreign telescopic forklift trucks began with the JCB 520 telescopic forklift truck developed by JCB in 1977. This is a new design and operation that leads the industry and subverts the existing concepts of the industry. Later, the Manitou Group of France and the Merlo Forklift Company of Merlo, Italy, put their own telescopic forklifts on the market in 1981. The following is a breakdown of the history of foreign telehandler manufacturers. From their history, we can learn about the history of foreign telehandlers.

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